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Noam Yaron, a 24-year-old Morgien, is preparing to cross the length of Lake Geneva in the summer of 2021. A challenge of no less than 75km, which he wishes to complete in less than 24 hours, which combines both his passion for swimming and his desire to raise public awareness about preserving water from plastic pollution.

Just ten years ago, when leaving one of his swimming practices, an idea took shape in the head of this former Swiss open water swimming champion: he announced to his parents that he was going to cross the lake swimming. Today, a few years later, he keeps his promise and realizes his childhood dream.

A 75 km challenge in less than 24 hours

After crossing Lake Geneva twice in its width, Evian-Morges in 2019 and Evian-Préverenges in 2020, each time beating the distance record, Noam wants to take on the challenge in a higher dimension. It is therefore in the summer of 2021 that the young athlete will cross Lake Geneva in its entirety, i.e. no less than 75 km linking Villeneuve to Geneva, in less than 24 hours. Will he get there?

Raise public awareness about water protection

This event, called The Lake Geneva Odyssey, aims, in addition to its sporting dimension, to raise public awareness of water preservation and to protect Lake Geneva from plastic pollution. To achieve this ambitious objective, L'Odyssée du Léman has joined forces with the Association for the Safeguarding of Lake Geneva , which has defended these values across the Lake Geneva region since 1980.

A herculean tailor-made preparation

It was with this dream in mind that Noam convinced the Lausanne multidisciplinary center Enmouvement , which agreed to put its expertise in professional monitoring of high-level athletes at the service of the Swiss swimmer.

An odyssey to follow now

This summer, meet Noam Yaron who, accompanied by his crew aboard the Floatinn electro-solar fleet, including the largest habitable catamaran in the Lake Geneva basin, will survey the waters of one of the longest lakes in Europe. While waiting to gradually be able to train in a swimming pool with the new restrictions, the young man practices swimming in ice water. This is one of the many challenges in his preparation for this Lake Geneva Odyssey to follow now on social networks in order to discover the physical training, mental and nutritional preparation of the ambitious young athlete.


Media use permission with mention: © Credits Noam Yaron Production

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