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Here are the results of the different actions carried out during the Odyssey



Approximately 167 kg of waste
collected in total


No less than 9,150 cigarette butts


4.575 mio liters of water
preserved from pollution


Let’s mobilize and preserve lake waters together

If you want to take action to preserve the waters of Lake Geneva or the water point closest to you, here is how to collect waste. Whether for 10 minutes, 1 hour or an afternoon, alone or in a small group, take part in this collection and list your harvest on the website. In addition to our environmental impact, the data will allow the Association for the Safeguarding of Lake Geneva to carry out a study in 2022. A real participatory science! Are you free and interested? Here's how to participate in the collection:

What equipment do I need to collect waste?

It's very simple, firstly we recommend that you collect waste with gardening gloves, if you come across a sharp object or for greater comfort. Regarding collection bags:


  • For incinerables: various plastic packaging, cigarette butts, etc.

Bring one or more taxed bags, because in some municipalities it is forbidden to throw large quantities of waste into public trash cans. Our advice to make counting easier: separate the cigarette butts from the start.

  • For recyclable waste: PET, aluminum, glass, etc.

Bring one or more reusable bags, such as a tote bag or an Ikea bag, for recyclable waste. Our advice to make counting easier: have one bag per type of waste.


Our final advice: do your cleaning in pairs so that one person collects the waste and the other lists it as you go on You are free to swap roles along the way.

At the end of your collection, you can go to the nearest sorting point or to a recycling center.

Thank you in advance for your commitment!

How to use the site to list your collection?

Watch the video, everything is explained in detail!
To get started in the best conditions, we recommend that you watch the video below.

Next, create an account to join the community
Before starting your cleanings, create your profile, so you can easily send your results during each of your actions. You can either register with the form or via Facebook or Google. If you prefer to remain anonymous, no worries, that's also possible.

Better information to act better!
In the “ Waste ” tab, you can consult all existing types of waste, learn more about their sorting and possible alternative solutions and, above all, find the nearest sorting point. This functionality is also accessible from the menu, by clicking on Collection points .

It's time to take action!
Have you taken control of the application? Litter waste no longer holds any secrets for you? So it's time to get started!
From Friday July 2 to Sunday July 4, 2021, organize a clean-up with friends, respecting current health restrictions, and start your collection.

The Association for the Protection of Lake Geneva thanks you!
Your contribution is important for two reasons:

  • The litter that you have collected will not pollute our environment!

  • The valuable information from your cleaning feeds our databases and allows our scientific research to identify the sources of pollution and propose solutions to stem this scourge.

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